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April 2010

Pandora announce new pricing for fully featured data grading suite RevoExpress

At NAB 2010, Pandora, the leading provider of data grading technology, today announces a new product structure and price point for the Revolution Colour Corrector.

All Revolution systems will be delivered fully featured and at full speed all features in real time including scene change detection, FastTrack auto tracking, 1D & 3D LUTs, ASC CDL, bezier primaries, multiple 6 vectors, unlimited secondaries foreground and background, key and image defocus, clipping, blanking and legalising and so much more. Furthermore, all systems will be supplied with the sumptuous Evolution control surface.

The Data I/O will come fully configured on a Mac Pro with Guaranteed performance* being XSan and ADIC compatible allowing the system to play out mixed format and resolution material. It also has an ultra-fine real time spatial processor that allows files to be created in other resolutions. Import or create edls and scan lists, add handles to shots and add keycode, timecode and renumber shots. The creation of thumbnails with built in viewer to scrub through material makes locating a shot a breeze and with the instant performance of the processor the graded files can be layed off immediately in a truly collaborative manner.

RevoExpress is available immediately and is priced at 130,000 ($199,000) including delivery. (Installation extra)

*Pandora can supply RAID storage for the system to guarantee performance. If you have a SAN or fibre channel storage to use and manage yourself then the system will connect directly to it. However, Pandora can not guarantee the performance of your storage solution as the network bandwidth is out of our control.


For more information on Revolution and RevoExpress click here


New Pricing & Config